Need-to-know Poker tips

Whether a green beginner or a Poker savant it always serves to have a few extra aces up your sleeve, so we’ve prepared this handy guide of Poker tips:

  • All bets go into the pile of chips in the middle of the table, the pot – this is what the winner gets! The pot is started by the buy in. All players must buy in to have a stake in the game, before any cards are dealt.
  • Also before cards are dealt, the dealer’s position is marked by a button, or buck, which is passed to the left every time a new hand starts – the person with the button is the dealer. The position of the buck is important for Poker strategy such as bluffing.
  • If you have a bad hand, you may decide to fold: you’d be giving up the chance to win the pot, but you also won’t lose any more money in future rounds. Don’t hold poor hands just to keep playing!
  • Or you could decide to stay in the hand by calling: you bet the same amount as the person before you.
  • You could even raise by matching a bet, and add an amount of your own choosing.
  • These days, the no limits Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular game.
  • Don’t be embarrassed about playing for smaller stakes – the key is to find the game that is most profitable for you.If you are a beginner, never try to impress other players with strategies with which you are not comfortable – stick to the Poker tactics you know!